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Year 2018

Technique Mixed Textile on wood and iron structure.

Dimension 6 pieces of aprox.  300x120x100cm each.


-2018, Individual Exhibition "Heritage" (Herencia) at Galeria Artespacio, Santiago, Chile.

-2019, Individual Exhibition "Heritage" (Herencia) in University Extension Center Talca, Chile.

-2019, WTA VIII Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Video Art Hall, Madrid, Spain.

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Concept work

Large volumes of textiles interpellate who we are in light of our ancestors. The story itself is recreated by using discarded materials in a cathartic and powerful process that visualizes the four grandparents, the father and the mother. As a way of self-awareness, a universal result of volumes that hug or interpellate is achieved. These giant textile shows information of biological unconsciousness of the family clan, that transmitted from generation to generation and becomes visible to help transcend.

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Description Exposure 


Maite Izquierdo recycles and assembles textile materials that have been designed, manufactured and used to coat the body. 

She explores the expressive possibilities of her own subjectivity from the body as a source, destination and engine. In the creative process, the body is not only present through the load bearing material, it is also staged and updated in it´s own performativity as an enginge that produces the emergence of an incarnation.

It´s raw material has different origins, but she always uses the waste she saves from oblivion through an exercise of recovery and assembly to build a larger body.

Her recent work involves an increasingly intense physical and emotional commitment, to make her pieces also become more organic and bulky. To achieve this, she freely experience with  techniques which allows her to advance efficiently in its constructive operation.

Her textile sculptures are left to be felt as memories put together, exhibiting the survivals and temporary anachronisms, the irregular edges, the lints. 

These exercises are a critical form of beauty, that values the ​​trimming, the whithin, the slip, the crack, the failure, the testing, the error, the loss, as vital elements. Her works are not solved in the mere visual perception and do not get caught by a unitary speech. They are baroque and contradictory presences, ragged and noble bodies at the same time, decidedly  disturbing the space, also interacting with the bodies of the observers.

The chromatic research has had an important place throughout her career. The artist has been interested in testing new combinations, even abhorrent, far from  aesthetic complacency they seek generating tensions and inquire into the symbolic and archetypal contents of color. 

In a game of transfers, Maite Izquierdo is assumed as a body stressed by contradictions, made of scraps of temporality and places, marked by forgetfulness and her memoirs, that has transformed the crack in a space where the energy can circulate with herself, with the  work and  other bodies.

Catalina Mena Larraín.

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Description Exposure 


Color wrapped us, we soaked in the exhibition Maite Izquierdo, saturating Gallery Artespacio. And, of course, through chords of a particularly daring harmony. This property is concretized at two sites of a same material as the interconnecting each other: fabrics of  female garments arranged and shaped pieces of cloth, and as large areas. Members of the first embodiment were ten large rectangular, hanging tapestries from the top that they welcomed the visitor. Its flowing fragmentation had the effect of a multicolor cascade, subject to a color which contrasts sense, rigorous, cold and warm, shiny and opaque, transparent and dense. That same qualitative graduation observed as a whole. 

The following six opted for the three-dimensional textiles, integrating elongated or knotted textile pieces defining large volumes. There were occasional global forms no little viscera of an animal body. Suddenly, before them, one imagined being surrounded by nightmarish appearances, although sufficiently softened. Possessed special attraction that sculpture with thick wool skeins, juxtaposing a few colorations. Supplemented correctly exposure Izquierdo, ten transparent boxes include well billed compositions, the variety operated through only small strips. In its delicacy they formed beautiful wall reliefs. Synthesis could be considered the major planar embodiments. These highlighted the composed of concentric squares and dominant yellow.


- Critic : Waldemar Sommer

El Mercurio Newspaper, Arts and Letters, 08.29.2018

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