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Mops (Mopas)

Year 2015

Technique 108 dyed cotton mops with their handles.

Dimension 350x180x50cm


-2015 Exhibition "Trama, Contemporary Textile Art" Art Hall Municipality Civic Center Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

-2016 Contest "Young Artespacio" Artespacio Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

MaiteIzquierdo Trama 13.jpg

Concept work

One hundred stained mops, are tied to each other, hanging and twisted to form a tapestry that alludes to the feminine and the daily cleaning of the home. Mops that are no longer white "clean": Absorbs instead of dirt, color. Then, as modules, they are saturating and wrap harmony, becoming a containment fabric ply.

MaiteIzquierdo Trama 05.jpg
MaiteIzquierdo Trama 03.jpg
MaiteIzquierdo Trama 07.jpg

Description Exposure 

"Since ancient times, textile art has been developed by different cultures and has transcended through the history of man, that you can admire the craft and the skill with which each piece has been performed. Today, this discipline coexists against the creations served using digital techniques and technology.

This exhibition brought together a group of artists who have excelled in national art to be renovators in textile art. They have experimented with slack ancestral paths that have been always present in the history of civilizations, but they have addressed the plot as latent gesture in their work.

Each has focused on rediscovering the broken textile to give a new look to the fibers, colors and materials, in order to communicate and express themself. These artists are able to deliver their own vision inherent in the development and technology, the beauty of the craft and delicacy of the handmade deployed to host a special value. "


Fernando Moya, Curator. 

Producer Las Condes Cultural Corporation Visual Arts.

MaiteIzquierdo Trama 14.jpg
MaiteIzquierdo Trama 09.jpg
MaiteIzquierdo Trama 10.jpg
MaiteIzquierdo Trama 10.jpg
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