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Sample to Sample

Year 2010

Technique Mixed textile printed manually

Dimension 21 modules 90x90cm


-2010 Individual Exhibition "from sample to sample" Isabel Aninat Art Gallery, Santiago, Chile.


Concept work

A large  patchwork  is presented through print and tireless sewing. 

The  traditional tapestry samples are the starting point of this exhibition. These textile waste account for the constant collecting and recycling, each one of the pieces as unique and necessary treasures for total work.

There is a mechanical and obsessive repetition in doing, merging printmaking and needlework. Systematically square textiles are dyed and printed previously. Then each module is arranged chromatically and stitched, reprinting and thus strengthen the total.

The work is manifested as an artisan and laborious log embodying the present experience. 

Thus, each stitch manages to stay in the given space and shelter.

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