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Year 2013 - 2022

Technique dyed and knotted or stapled textile waste on textile, mesh or MDF base.

Dimension 300X150x20cm


-2013, Exposición “Chile, Un País Soñado” Memorial América Latina, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

-2014, Exposición Individual “Chascas” Teatro Municipal de Zapallar, V Región, Chile. 

-2021, “Chascas” Chilarte Parque Arauco, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Maite Izquierdo 3 web copy.jpg


It is disheveled hair in the Quechua language; It is the reflection of the planet Venus on the waters, which multiplies its beams of light in the dark. This series of works are textile gestures that become entangled like diverse nests of color and materiality. They hypnotize, they call to rest in them between so much change and search for truth. Simple and precise gestures that demarcate an internal search.

Concept work

What textile manually depending on the color is the keynote of this exhibition. unique modules form a reading of various techniques and materialities. As a laborious handmade log and cherish the works embody various creative experiences.

Playful and imperfect craftmenship achieves a result which shows the feminine and warmth, typical of the trade. The fabric is given by an infinite recycle that surrounds and protects. Textile becomes closer  and attractive, it is a second skin. It is flexible and moldable, is full of fragility and delicacy to the given space.

Maite Izquierdo 1 web copy.jpg
Maite Izquierdo 2 web copy.jpg

Description Exposure 

"The role  assigned in national art  to Maite Izquierdo is to be the renewal of textile art at its best.

For years she has experimented with slack ancestral ways of a job that is lost in the history of civilizations.

Maite Izquierdo has put emphasis on discovering textiles which  she decomposes and gives a new look to it´s fibers with colors from a palette typical of a privileged being.

Ome believe that color is taught but , it comes with the artist who is able to give us their own vision and that is inherent in a being. This is our developmental artist who displays a special skill and wrapped in their work."

Ernesto Muñoz, curator,

President AICA Chile.

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Calzones,UC, 100x80cm,2013 copy.jpg
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chasca 1.jpg
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