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Sudario Natural

Year 2022

Technique eco print

Dimension Variable

Exposition 13 Sep – 15 Oct 2022

Galería Artespacio, Santiago, Chile

sudario 5.jpg

During a long experimentation, the ecoprint technique has allowed Maite to rescue the dyeing power of nature leaving it printed on different textile fibers. Thanks to this magical process, various leaves exude their forms and pigments, achieving organic impressions, unrepeatable and 100% sustainable. The leaves are permanently attached to the tissue and thus capturing each species and solvent that she uses. This Natural Shroud has allowed her to treasure the time, immortalize the beauty of nature and thus humanize the day to day of this present strange and fragile today.

 This "natural shroud" treasures time and immortalize nature and its seasons, varying the species during the course of the days.

sudario 9.jpg
imagen maite baja.jpg
sudario 6.jpg
sudario 8.jpg
sudario 7.jpg
sudario 4.jpg
Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-26 a la(s) 14.47.51.png
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sudario 11.jpg
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