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Spiral Textile

Year 2011

Technique Mixed Textiles.

Dimension 180cm diameter 


-2011 Exhibition "Renewed Dialogue between art and Cristinisium in the XXI Century", Gallery Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile.

-2012 Exhibition " Thirteen x Thirteen" (13 x 13) Art Hall Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Selected work by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).


Concept work

It embraces an infinite circle around. It is a nest that welcomes, as a protective net.

The spiraling represents the relationship between the unit and the multiplicity. Symbolizes the active and the eternal. As the creative breath, it invites intimate penetration into a progressive movement in constant development. 

The tissue is like life: the strands are arranged in the hatched to be tangled freely. Textile is proximately, it  is tactile. It is linking a whole that gets tangled and sometimes hypnotizing. Tissue that leads into an embrace eternity.

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