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Born: 1978, Santiago, Chile.


Studies: Bachelor of Visual Arts, Catholic University of Chile

Lives and works: in Santiago de Chile.


Represented by: Gallery Artespacio.


In my career I have developed various textile techniques in which seeking color has been my primary objective. I'm interested in rediscovering textiles loaded with history to decomposing them. The fibers offer a fresh look by creating a new palette. Color theory becomes essential: it orders, saturates and evolves in harmony.


Textile is the raw material; allowing it to be sewed, slit, and tie linked; Thus arises a creation that communicates the beauty of what we are today. It is a remnant rescued, a second skin. Textile relates every day with both the intimate and the external, and when I work on it, I observe what it has to offer, I synchronize materiality and chromaticism, and then, symbolic relationships appears: life, death, shelter, anguish, landscapes and body.

The fabrics are found in different places and circumstances, they are rescued from the use for which they were created, they are treasured, stained and stitched. The most important element is experiencing the pleasure of crafting, a quest for beauty through experimentation. A creative process that requires time and patience, and it becomes an obsession. As a ritual, the result of my action is a large volume that embraces. The fragility of the material takes you to exploring the change and the ephemeral. Materials that rise to intertwine, and thus cherish the given space.


Maite Izquierdo Armendariz (1978, Santiago, Chile). Plastic artist, BA in Visual Arts, Universidad Católica (2001). She has had eight solo exhibitions and more than 20 national and international group exhibitions in spaces such as gallery Artespacio; Bodegón Cultural Los Vilos; Machar Molino Puerto Varas in Chile and the Pavilion of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Galerie Mania Bretesche, Paris, France; Memorial Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Centrale Muzeum Włókiennictwa, Łódź, Poland and Gallery 159, Brisbane, Australia.

Her works are present in: the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Santiago, Hotel Enjoy Castro, Chiloé and Valparaíso Hotel Casa Bridge.

From 2006 to 2008 she lived in Brisbane, Australia and was part of Impress Printmakers Studio Inc. and ATASDA Brisbane (Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association). 2009 and 2012  she was chosen for exhibitions of AICA (International Association of Art Critics). 2015, participated in the collective ArsFactus in the residence "Pleasure" in Franklin neighborhood where she  made a piece  selected to represent Chile at # 15 Textile Art Triennial in Lodz, Poland.


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