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Self Potrait

Year 2019

Technique Ten textile cords braided from an iron sheave.

Dimension Variable


- 2019 Exhibition "Tras Pasos" Bodegón Cultural Los Vilos, Chile.


Concept work 

Photographs sublimated onto natural silk, satin, and shantung. Sewn with an overlock sewing machine using cotton thread, darned with surgical thread, and embroidered with polyester cord, respectively.

75 x 50 cm each.

The piece unabashedly reveals layers and skins awaiting repair. They are veils that cover and uncover their imperfections, pores, and nudity. To embroider so as not to say. To darn so as to rescue the scar. To sew the folds like translucid curtains that allow glimpses of a truth. A hidden face that observes in silence. It lowers its gaze to reflect, to discern, and only in this way, to be.


In this piece, the artist recognizes herself as an image. She discovers the importance of being clear and sincere in her creative processes; from inside, intimate so that they can become universal. She replicates the image as a response and witness to a determined moment in her life. During the October 2019 protests in Chile, she systematized types of seams in order to give the series symbolic significance. The overlock machine stitch is used for cutting and joining together, accepting loss in order to heal and enclosing the cut fabric’s edge in order to avoid fraying. The handmade darned stitches are surgical stitches that give structure to this operation.

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