Odds and Ends

Año 2007

Técnica Textil mixto

Dimensión Variable


-2007, Exposición Individual “Retazos: Odds and Ends”, Gallery 159, Brisbane, Australia.


Concepto obra

In my work I need a sense of common method of production. I do a repetitive task over and over, but of course there are unplanned adjustments in the process. In “Retazos” I did everything methodically, step by step, in the same way, in the same 3 primary colors. But the hazard is always there and every piece turned different when I do it.


I never throw any scraps away. I”m a master at recycling as my exhibition history demonstrates. My “retazos” are the first step in each creation. They are my big treasure and my final work their show it up in a beautiful and obsessive order.


In this way of showing colours and texture of multiple fabrics they unite, forming rich hand-made compositions. Fabrics, ribbons and threads are combined through an intense sewing process.

The sewing is a creative process which turned into an obsession, and is an indispensable part of all my work. Without doubt these “tapices” gather the manual and origin of an art which demands time and patience. Left -over material is sewn and re-sewn, coming together to result in warm, shiny and beautiful compositions. 


There is a spell with the colour and texture, inviting me to experiment and play with the material. The more I sew the more I enrich the work. Act and make, work and colour… This is the process of creation, a process which is a obsession. The final artwork suggest this intense process. 


I think that every color, every fabric, every loose thread that I put into my work means something: thought, memories, obsession,… If is my way to feel moment, to feel that I.m doing something that makes me feel alive. Every “Odd and End” is a second in my life.

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